Thursday, 2 March 2017

Pop-Up Review: Anne Johnston reviews Sun-mi Hwang's The Dog Who Dared to Dream (2012; English translation 2016)

Anne Johnston (English Literature) marks World Book Day 2017 with a review of one of her many favourite books, Sun-mi Hwang's The Dog Who Dared to Dream.

My favourite book, which is a very hard thing to define as it always fluctuates, is currently The Dog Who Dared to Dream by South Korean author Sun-mi Hwang. The book follows the life of a dog called 'Scraggly', so named because of her fuzzy black/blue and white fur which is so different to that of her brothers and sisters. So different that her own mother shows little interest in her, as do many other characters in the book. The story follows Scraggly though many losses, physical and emotional. Also paralleling the life of her owner, an old man whose hard exterior is not always what it seems. Scraggly and the old man both have dreams, but in reality dreams are not always easy to reach. If you want to read a book about bravery, perseverance and love then give this a try.

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