Thursday, 2 March 2017

Pop-Up Review: Helen Rawlings reviews J.M.Coetzee's Disgrace (1999)

Another Pop-Up Review for World Book Day 2017. Helen Rawlings (English Literature) reviews J.M.Coetzee's Disgrace and wins herself a Book Token.

David Lurie, a college professor in South Africa,  twice divorced,  plodding through life and getting his sexual kicks visiting a prostitute weekly. He embarks on an illicit affair with his student Mel and is found out and sacked.  He escapes to his  daughter Lucy's ranch but carries his misfortune with him. Lucy is raped in a  brutal attack and David is  left helpless, as he appears to have been with all the women in his life.  Disgrace won the Nobel prize in 2003. A real page turner, whilst it is hard to like David  it is intriguing to see how he interacts with people particularly women. Gritty read about some  uncomfortable subjects but  engaging and well written would highly recommend.  

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