Thursday, 2 March 2017

Pop-Up Review: Rose Wolfe-Emery reviews A Little Life by by Hanya Yanigihara (reprinted 2016)

To mark World Book Day, Rose Wolfe-Emery (English Literature) reviews A Little Life by Hanya Yanigihara.

A Little Life by Hanya Yanigihara is a truly compelling tale of love and endurance. Set in New York City, this story spans the lives of four friends and graduates each vying for happiness and success. While the narrative initially accounts for the creative and personal struggles of each character, Jude soon becomes the focal point of the novel. Haunted by memories of an unthinkably traumatic past, the reader wonders whether Jude will ever be able to lead the ‘little life’ he so desires. An immense tale that deftly chronicles the happiness and heartbreak of numerous characters, A Little Life touches everyone who reads it.

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